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Foreign trade manager

Position type: foreign trade / translation / purchasing class

Post duties:

1. formulate departmental work plans and related budgets, and be fully responsible for the daily management of foreign trade departments.

2. It is responsible for the planning of the foreign trade market.

3. management and arrangement of daily business and foreign trade negotiations;

4. Set up and manage the foreign trade team, train and plan the team members.

5. lead the team to realize the sales target;

6. customer development and maintenance of customer relations;

7. the focus of the work is foreign sales.

Requirements for office:

1. College degree or above, major in international trade or foreign trade English.

2. More than 2 years experience in foreign trade market, and have a certain understanding of cable industry.

3. familiar with the trade process and related laws and regulations, familiar with trade terms, logistics, customs declaration and tax knowledge;

4. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, skilled office modernization operation, can skillfully use all kinds of sales network platform;

5. Good management, communication and problem solving skills, good negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility and strong resistance.

6. Sales experience in the same industry is preferred.


Job type: Technology / R & D class

Requirements for office:

1. College degree or above in related electronic engineering or mechanical manufacturing or mold related majors.

2. More than 3 years working experience in wiring harness crimping or debugging wiring harness machine die, etc.

3. Operate fully automatic crimping machine and be familiar with the wiring harness production process. Proficient in computer operation and simple English command;

4. Be familiar with the debugging and operation of automatic terminal crimping machine, manual thread cutting machine, manual crimping machine and so on.

5. Be conscientious and enthusiastic about work, have good teamwork spirit, be not afraid of pressure, and have strong sense of responsibility.

Job content:

1. The operation, debugging and maintenance of the production equipment.

2. coordinate, guide production sample and test production;

3. Familiar with wire rod production process, development, working instruction and so on.

4. production equipment, mold and blade stereotypes or production and corresponding maintenance;

5. the classification and management of production drawings and engineering documents.

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Warehouse keeper

Job type: Production Management

1. More than one year's working experience in warehouse;

2. Familiar with all kinds of materials for wire and cable production.

3. carry out material stock management according to purchase order, and issue materials according to production orders.

4. the ERP software will be operated.

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