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Through ISO9001 quality management system certification

Source: Xinsun  Visited: 148  Date: 2018-04-27

According to the requirements of IS09001 quality system certification and audit work, the expert group carried out a strict review of the departments of the quality of Xinsheng wire quality, production department, purchasing department, business department management department and other departments. Through two days of audit, the audit expert group fully affirmed the work of Xinsheng wire quality management system, gave a high evaluation of the company's conscientious implementation of the quality management system standards, and also put forward suggestions and suggestions for continuous improvement.

At the last meeting, the audit group experts announced that the construction and operation of the ISO9001 quality management system of Hin Sheng wire was in conformity with the requirements of ISO9001:2008 standard, and the quality management system was generally running normally and smoothly, and the supervision and audit was approved.

For the problems and deficiencies found in the audit, the audit group described the standard clauses in detail, and put forward suggestions for improvement. Xinsheng wire review involves the identification of environmental hazard sources, the adequacy of product standard collection, procurement inspection, customer complaints and information feedback management. Xinsheng wire will continue to solve the shortcomings of the system, improve and optimize the quality management system, strengthen the suitability and effectiveness control of the system, and better the control of the system. To create a good performance and management level for the enterprise.

Since its establishment, Xinsheng wire has always adhered to the focus of attention and carried out various tasks, and has achieved international standards in the integration of various management systems. Xinsheng wire not only continuously and steadily provides customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products, but also improves the relevant system to ensure that quality management is more scientific and effective in combination with the actual work. In addition, Xinsheng wire has established a good corporate image and reputation in the market competition through good quality and excellent service, which is of profound significance to the development of the brand.

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